Look Exact powermeter

DKK 6,249.00DKK 10,939.00

Look Exact powermeter

DKK 6,249.00DKK 10,939.00

Lækker wattmåler fra Look i et samarbejde med legendariske SRM. Bygget på Look Carbon pedaler, hvilket sikrer en utrolig stiv og let pedal.

Tilbyder naturligvis alle de moderne teknologier med bluetooth m.v. Fås i en single og duo version.
Genopladeligt batteri med 100 timers batterilevetid.


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SRM has partnered with LOOK to create their latest power meter offering – the SRM LOOK EXAKT Power Meter Pedals. Built on a LOOK carbon pedal body when ensures an incredibly light and stiff pedaling platform, the SRM LOOK EXAKT features a fully integrated design with all of the electronics and sensors housed inside the pedal body. This results in a clean, professional look. The EXAKT also benefits from SRM’s renowned engineering and precision and is cited accurate to +/- 1.5%.

Available in both dual-sided and single-sided versions, the SRM power meter pedal comes with all the features you would expect in a modern-day power meter. The EXAKT offers dual ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART compatibility, a rechargeable battery with 100 hours battery life and even features a built-in magnet for precise cadence measurement.

The SRM LOOK EXAKT also offers both active and passive temperature compensation. This keeps power accurate regardless of changing temperatures and environmental conditions. If you’re a Zwift user, there’s more good news. The SRM pedals feature a Zwift Compatibility Mode which allows the dual-sided version to function with Zwift over Bluetooth SMART, allowing you to take advantage of both left and right leg power. (The single-sided EXAKT will also work with Zwift as a standard right-side power meter.)

Lastly, SRM and LOOK offer a smartphone app that among other things, allows you to check for proper installation, monitor your firmware and complete your pre-ride calibration (zero-offset).



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