Apidura Racing Frame Pack

DKK 729.00DKK 799.00

Apidura Racing Frame Pack

DKK 729.00DKK 799.00

Designet med henblik på behovet for ultra distance ryttere og til audax brug. Tasken udnytter området i cyklens hoved trekant og skaber et lavt tyngdepunkt, som giver en god neutral styring.



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Designed for the needs of ultra-distance cycling competition and audax, the Racing Frame Pack utilises the area inside a bike’s main triangle, creating a lower centre of gravity and enabling more neutral handling. This makes it useful for storing heavier, bulkier items, as well as items that need to be accessed on the go.

The waterproof frame bag is constructed from a lightweight laminate created specifically for Apidura, and has been shaped to provide a universal fit, for use with any frame. The three velcro straps are lightweight, easy to use, and can be set in multiple positions to ensure compatibility when used alongside a top tube bag.

An integrated support structure adds stiffness and allows the frame bag to be exceptionally minimal and lightweight, and a flexible pocket divider securely holds contents in place. For added convenience, a protected cable port enables charging of devices on the go.

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